Frog by William Allen

There are few places on earth with more area where land and water meet than Michigan.  Here the bogs and marshes, ponds, lakes, streams and rivers provide a crucible for life.

Bill Allen turned to these precious places when creating his work for the MLAP collection.  “I have chosen to sculpt a frog because I believe they represent some of northern Michigan’s most unique and special gifts.  They are the harbingers of spring,” with each species adding to the chorus.

Frogs are sensitive creatures.  They can warn us well in advance of potential danger to our environment so we can act to preserve this special place.  “Finally,” says Allen, “I believe that frogs embody the spirit of transformation and survival we in northern Michigan possess, with their unique progression from tadpole to full-grown frog."

Frog is made of galvanized steel and coated with copper.  The copper coating has been painted by Allen with the rich colors of a Michigan frog.

About Bill Allen

Bill Allen’s art is enjoyed by people in scores of collections both public and private. His special affection for nature has led to works at The Detroit Zoo, The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Busch Gardens, The Field Museum of Natural History, the Rio Grande Nature Center in New Mexico and California’s LaQuinta Sculpture Park, to list a few. Among his private collectors are Alex Trebek, United Airlines and the G.D. Searle Corporation. 

He is the holder of the Rolex Award for Excellence in Metals and a recipient of multiple awards from the Michigan Arts Council, Arts Foundation of Michigan and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. Bill Allen is a resident of both Michigan and Brooklyn, New York. He holds a B.A. in Biology from Lewiston University and studies at The Arts Students League in New York.